Saturday, April 6, 2019

Two posts in a row I forgot this terrific collab

I forgot this fabulous collaboration I did with Allan Bealy  I sent him  4 monoprints and he collaged on them- this was a terrific collaboration We rocked this Allan!

Spring in New Mexico

Well it was a long time once again since I posted-  life happens- we both got the flu and that was intense. Some other medical stuff but it is all ok.
I have been working along on things I am in a few collaborations and I am in 2 mail art groups- so i have been doing stuff for that.
This is our first spring in New Mexico and I have to say it is wonderful. I think it was 3 weeks ago we went to the botanical gardens here and the cherry trees were blooming and daffodils and tulips and other spring bulbs- this is thrilling as in Minnesota that a some weeks off yet.
I taught 2 book forms at Libros today- that is one of the book arts groups I am in- had a delightful time - such wonderful people.  Feeling very much full of gratitude- we have met so many wonderful people here.

This is a journal spread- has a monoprint background. 

This is a spread I did in an old passport.  There are several of these going around the world.  These of late have been narrative in nature- making stories up about the person whose passport it was.

next are 2 sets of three collaborations- the group is called Neo-Exquisite Corpse. This is our version of The Exquisite Corpse- you can google the meaning of that- ours works like this- three people each make 3 starts- on one they make a a start on the top  on one they make a start in the middle and on one they do a start on the bottom. Then is is mailed to the other two to finish.  I love the challenge of this.  You never know what the imagery will be until you get the set.  Here is the first set of three.

This set was done by me and Geronimo Finn in Austria and Carol White in Cork Ireland.

This is a second set with the same people.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

February Post

As always- time seems to just zoom by.  A mix of medical appointments- Ron had  cataract surgery on the eye that he had surgery on in November so check ups for that- things seem to be ok there. I have had some good studio days. Finished a collaborative project with Los Libros- one of the book arts groups I  am part of.  We are each making a mini zine- we will get one from each person in the March meeting and make a slip case to hold them- there will be 40 different ones.
I had a moving experience yesterday(Saturday the 16th) - I may have shared that a wonderful collage artist Valerie Roybal died here in November- Valerie invited me to be a part of the collage group here when I first got here to Albuquerque. There is a show of her work up at a gallery here right now and they brought in her actual old desk and everything on it- several of her antique cases with her collections- the collage group set up tables right in the middle of her show and there were stacks and stacks of her books and collage materials we were encouraged to take and make work with. It was both a sad and a joyful afternoon. Here is a link to Valerie's work. 
Here are two collages I made at that gathering.

Lucky Strike
This collage is on a monoprint.

Facing the Past
This collage is also done on a monoprint.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Last week of January

Well the time just zooms it seems.  I have been to some groups lately a wonderful collage group- 2 different book arts groups and have been to a printmakers studio and printed with some fun artists.  Yesterday I took a collograph class a The Remarque Print Workshop.  That is an amazing place here.
Have had some health stuff to deal with- Going in to see a specialists about a test I had.  Ron is having his second surgery on his eye-that happens next week.  So in between that I have had time for some art making. I don't have pictures yet from the workshop yesterday but here are some collages from the class I am taking.

We'll Be Watching You
This collage is very different for me- we printed some gelli prints on transparency sheets. This collage is a sandwich in that I printed one on paper then  I cut out and added the collage elements and then put the transparency over it all.
Sometimes A Door Must Close
This collage started with one piece glued down- it was the paper that looks like netting.  Then the rest was added.

River of Time
This started with the piece of map- then added the rest. I figure in front is an altered very old photograph and I printed it out on a old dictionary page.

The Weight of Home
This collage started with the piece  of numbers and letters with the square punched out.  The trees are a rubber stamp.

Not So Merrily Down The Stream
This collage started with the 2 pieces of red grid paper from an EKG I had done last year along with the piece of book text.

Emma's Garden

This started with  A piece of tissue with the colored circles.

A House In The Woods

This started with  the red house like shape I found in my box of collage fodder.  I cut the trees out of the insides of an envelop.

Another One Got Away

I started this collage with the gray scale pieces.

There Was Trouble At Dinner

This last one started out with the odd shaped piece behind the man.


Monday, November 5, 2018

So Much for Posting More Often!

I didn't post the month of October. Still amazed how fast the time goes- The first week of October my art buddies were here- we rented an air bnb house and made art like crazy for a week- I will share some pictures form that and the journal pages that happened that week.  I am so thankful for this group - there seem to be few men in the mixed media- journaling world so having this group is very special.  There are a lot of men in the collage groups that I am part of.
We continue to discover new places here and have seen some terrific art- we have hiked in the foothill of the Sandias and I have joined a book making group that meets once a month. So feeling good about our move here.  There was a lot of fall color here- the cottonwood trees along the Rio Grande  are past peak but the yellows were stunning- I can see the mountains out our front door and I never tire of looking at them- they are ever changing in color and light.
 Here are some journal page spreads from the retreat.

This spread we call the prompt game where we go around the table and we each give a prompt- like 3 three collage images   and add white lines and add a number and so on-

This is a shot of the table where we worked.

John taught us a binding that was new to the rest of us- a slip-knot binding.
This is the inside of the slip knot book.



Here are the gents on our field trip to Santa Fe

Here we are in Old Town Albuquerque


Thursday, September 20, 2018

Really? The Third Week of September?

Time continues to zoom. Feeling good about the move down here to New Mexico. Finally getting use to the idea we don't have to gallery and museum binge- we live here now.  I have had some great discoveries- I was invited to a collage group- it was terrific sitting and making collages with wonderful artists I felt welcomed and inspired!! I also attended a meeting with a book arts group here- wonderful people so this is feeling really nice. There are more groups I hope to attend and we have barely scratched the surface of galleries to see.
I have a great week in store starting at the end of the month. My art buddies are flying in for a week of art making.
So here are some collages I have made in the last few weeks.

Split Man

Does It Fit?

House Finch Message

He Pushed Start

Meat Cuts

Final Journey

He Thought About It

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Back in the Groove

We are feeling pretty settled in and have been able to explore some. The Albuquerque Museum is wonderful.  Ron helped me put together some cabinets for my studio- well he did most of it and I was his lovely assistant.  The studio space feels good and I started in with some new collages.

This collage is titled Vigil.  What makes this special to me is that the background is a photograph I took and altered 18 years ago in Santa Fe.  Little did I know then that I would be living just an hour south of there.

This one is titled Grooming His Thoughts. The background is one is I put together digitally over 10 years ago- yes I moved this stuff here from Minnesota! The head is from a photograph I took in an antique store many years ago-  so I cut that out to use.

This one is titled Blue. The background for this one is one I had printed over 10 years ago as well.

This is titled, Fading.  And yes the background is also from that 10 year old stash I found.