Saturday, November 2, 2019

Can you Believe it? Another post so soon!

This is the second accordion book I made for the class I am taking.  Like usual I don't do so well with following the "directions" for the lesson. The artist doing this part of the class is Anne Marie Grgich. Her work is amazing- dense and rich with imagery- lots of layering. Anne is featured in the newest issue of Raw Vision magazine.  I don't always like to do lots of layering. This book has a bit more than some I have done. I find the accordion book structure to be so wonderful to work with- I do love folded book structures and hope to explore other folded books soon. Thanks for taking the time to look at my work.

For this book I painted the background and added some rubber stamping.
The small collages I mounted on the accordion are made from scraps and I used collage elments from a calendar I make using the past months- often I used shape punches to use that part of the collage I wanted. I like to work in a series and I did 12 of these small collages - they are 3 inches by 4 inches.

This is a detail of the left side of the book.

This is a detail of the right side of the book.

This is the backside of the book. I did try more layering here.
The small red grid scraps weaving through the back are from an EKG printout
of mine. Thought it was a good use for it- My heart helps support the composition.

Detail of the left side of the book.

Detail of the right side of the book.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Hopefully Back On Track

I have not posted since early August.  I have struggled with posting- like does it matter-? are people interested? I have had friends ask me to get over on Instagram. I did start posting there.  You can find me there at terrygarrett763     In some ways that is the easiest but I find that adding text images and comments is cumbersome. I did FINALLY change out the look of this blog- it has been years.  Hope you find it easy to read.
Fall is here in New Mexico- cooler temps in fact we have had some down right cold weather for here- a couple of nights in the teens. The cottonwood trees along the Rio Grande are turning yellow and the cranes have returned.
I have been taking more online classes. Sometimes they are hard for me to keep up with as we have been dealing with some health issues here- so there have been a lot of appointments.  But I do find time to be in the studio.  Making art grounds me- it helps me cope with stress and it feeds my soul.
One of the online classes I am taking is called 2019 Year of the Collage.  It is a year long class and I have enjoyed the three teachers for this class- very different approaches to collage- the lessons have stretched me in good ways and I have met some wonderful people in the class.
I will share the first of two Accordion books I have made for this class.

This is the inside of the first one- it is 35" long and 6" tall

This is a close up of the left side of the book.

This is a close up of the right half of the book.

This is the back side of the accordion book.

This is the detail of the left half of the backside.

This is the detail of the right half of the backside.

Friday, August 9, 2019

More 4 x 6 cards.

The ICAD Challenge I was in ended July 31st. 61 one cards made!  Here are some more I
 haven't shared.

Many Found Eugene to Be A Stuffed Shirt

Edwin Made Sure We Had Fun Everyday

On Raven Watching

The Neighbors Got Color TV

His Heart Was Laid Bare

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

A New Book

My main form of art expression is through collage. I use it for my collage series I do for art journaling and in this case for an artist book. I am very fortunate to have 2 amazing book arts groups here in Albuquerque where I live. One of the groups deals with a theme or topic and we make our books using that-  the book forms people choose are all their own choice. The last theme was mapping a favorite theme of mine. I wish I could show you all the groups works- truly amazing. My book is called Life States. This format is a triptych- I have lived in 3 states Iowa, Minnesota and now New Mexico. One panel for each state- within the triptych are 2 small books attached. This is loosely based on a book form of Roxanne Evans Stout's. This was hard to photograph but you can get an idea.

Front Cover

The triptych before the small books were sewn in.
Iowa side with the back cover showing.

The inside of one of the small books.

View of the smallest attached book.

A really bad photo of the book standing up.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Later July and HOT

We have been really hot the past couple of weeks- So physical activity happens in the morning.  I am winding down my participation in ICAD. So will share some more cards- I have made 51 cards so far. I have found working in a 4" x 6" size to be a lot of fun.  I have some new art journaling spread but that will be for another time.

Walter Never Seemed to Fit in Anywhere.

Out For Coffee

It's For You

Neighborhood Watch

Friday, June 21, 2019

One Year Ago

Well long time since a post. One year ago today the moving trucks with our possessions arrive at our new home in Albuquerque. What a year it has been!
The health update is OK- Ron's eyes are healed and he has the new lenses in his frames and can see clear finally! This aging thing is not easy we both have more doctor appointments than we would like but over all we are OK.
My art news is good- I entered some work in a call for entries at ReMarque Print Workshop here in Albuquerque.   The show is titled Unexpected Narratives and will open  in Mid-July. I just completed and artist's book called Life States.  This was the outcome of a three month exploration to the theme of mapping for my Book Arts Study group- I will post pictures of that next post. I also have been working on an altered passport project with my art pals.  I am also participating in the I.C.A.D. ( index card a day) challenge. you do an index card either 3 x 5 or 4 x 6 everyday.  There are daily themes if you want to use thoses there are weekly themes or you just do what you want.  The challenge being doing one everyday for 2 months- June & July so I will have 61 cards at the end of it.  It's a very large group and we share on a private FaceBook group. As of today I have 22 cards as it is the 22nd of June.  I will share five of the cards here. Most have a Gelli printed background. More to come soon.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Two posts in a row I forgot this terrific collab

I forgot this fabulous collaboration I did with Allan Bealy  I sent him  4 monoprints and he collaged on them- this was a terrific collaboration We rocked this Allan!