Friday, November 2, 2012

House Box

I love the house shape- be it 3D or 2D- I love to whole set of meanings it can have.  I occasionally make these house boxes.  The are somewhat unusual as the roof comes off- then you can put things inside.  In this case a folded house-shaped book.  I do make these out of cardstock but the wood ones are so sturdy.  Because they are wood I can glue real found objects on them as well.


  1. They are great in person, too. I love mine. Thanks again for making it.

  2. This is extrodinary. You do such wonderful detail. House and home have so much meaning for everyone.

  3. I love your little collaged houses. I still have one that I bought at the Center for Book Arts years ago, before we met. What fun to see that you're still making them.