Thursday, June 27, 2013

Something New

Last week I had an incredible experience.  John Arbuckle came to visit for a week.  John is part of a men's ATC group I started last fall.  We have become good friends via emails and having an actual visit was amazing.  We spent the week making lots of art- many different things.  I seldom have anybody in my studio so this was a treat.  I experienced something that I had not before.  That was the joy of making cooperative art.  We did some Gelli printing and we found ourselves making the prints together.  John was intrigued by a mail art piece that Shirley End-Saxe had sent me. This piece was a sort of free-form collage having parts that were joined in various ways.  So we spent his last day here each making a collage in this way.  This was a real stretch for me and I found it so fun and exciting.  I now want to do more of these.  Thanks John for a wonderful experience and Happy Birthday!!!!


  1. I love how your piece turned out. It was so much fun spending time doing art with you. I had a blast and now I have the memories. This brings it all back in spades. Thanks to Shirley for sending you the mail art. I hope she gets to see yours. I will post mine as soon as I can. Thanks for the birthday wishes. :-)

  2. what fun! to meet a 'blog' friend face to face.
    and to make art together had to be amazing.

    love the finished piece . . . can you show us the back side?


  3. Good to see this! I do like the fractured sense in this, it seems to have migrated together. Lovely comment as well!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful adventure through and through. Shirley came up with a fantastic and unique approach to collage and your piece is sensational!!

  5. What a fabulous trip! I can't wait until we are all together!

    This is a fabulous piece! I especially love the eye.

  6. It's so cool that you got to collaborate in person, and the work you're both sharing is delightful!