Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Final Collage Class Project

The final project for the collage class was to make collage postcards to mail to each participating class member.  I made 19 of those and they are all very different from one another.  This was a fun class and the people in the class were great- so much talent and different approaches.  I tried some collage techniques that I would not have on my own.  It's been fun to go to the mailbox and see art in it.  I always have liked mail art and this was a great way to end the class.


  1. Terry, it was so much fun being in the class with you and Brian. You are so right about the talent pool in this class. We certainly are lucky to be experiencing great art in classes, blogs, Facebook...everywhere. It is wonderful meeting so many talented people.

    I absolutely love these postcards. I know it took a long time to complete and to think that they are all very different. Quite a successful endeavor for you to undertake. We are the lucky ones to be able to see what you have accomplished.

    1. Thank you John- I did have a lot of fun with these- at first it seems so daunting and then when I started I had a hard time stopping- In the end I think I made 23!