Monday, August 18, 2014

Another collage assignment

I am taking Randel Plowman's online The Art of Collage Class.  This assignment was to make collages using one of the theme choices he provided. I chose the theme of Home.  These collages have some person connection to my ideas about home- some relate to home from growing up and others more current.  The first one has a background of buttons I made.  I poured buttons on my scanner and then altered them.  The next one with the yellow porch is a photograph of mine that I also altered. The titles are below each collage and my friend Tom LaBadia has a way of coming up with the best titles.  Thank you Tom.  These collages are 6 X 7 1/2.

                                                                    My Heart is Not at Home

                                                                     Forward Thinking

                                                                       Let's Try Magic

                                                                    Open Heart

                                                              Comfortably Numb


  1. You get an A+ in my book! I love these!

  2. These images are great. I also like the way your blog looks. Mine is very simple, this is my first time making a blog.

  3. Thank you Susan- This is my first blog- I haven't changed the background or much else since I did it and I am still surprised I did it! The sides are citra-solv papers