Saturday, February 21, 2015

When trapped Inside From the Freezing Cold- I Journal

We have had a cold snap once again and it makes it not only unpleasant to be outside but sometimes dangerous as well.  I am thankful I have a nice art space to work in.  So it was time do open the journal again.

3 steps forward- 5 steps back- in the dance of life it's so easy to get lost-hard to learn new steps sometimes and yet the old steps are not fulfilling anymore. Learning that what I thought was a misstep was in fact an opportunity for growth. Time to slow-dance to the music of a new dream.


  1. This is so beautiful in every way Terry, I have come back and studied it again.
    I love the colors and how they work together, and I love the palpable emotion.
    You are GREAT!

  2. Frigid days are the perfect time for journaling. Love the blue and orange combination of colors here.

  3. Even colder today Seth- I do love blue and orange!