Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Measuring up

Wow- more time slipped by.  Well finally getting to a post. The first is an 8 inch square I did for a Round Robin group I am in.  it is titled:  What is the Measure of a Man?  The next is a journal spread using some of the same imagery only smaller.  Still Measuring: That is the title for this spread. I sometimes think I have made great progress in not being concerned about what people say about me or my work but then something will happen and I start to worry how I measure up. These days I can usually move past that pretty fast thankfully. We are all works in progress.


  1. Both are great pieces Terry. What color medium did you use on the journal spread?

    1. Thanks Brian! I gessoed the spread first- the color is with golden fluid acrylic.

  2. Very clever use of ephemera to create this theme! Spectacular idea and execution! :-)