Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Round Robin

I am in a Round Robin with 6 other wonderful artists.  Each month we do an 8 inch square for one of the group- at the end we will have squares from everyone including ourselves. These are folded in what is called the Turkish Map Fold.  They will be glued to one another and will make like a pop-up book. Here is a link how the squares are folded.
So this is the square I made for Jacki Long. In  older posts I showed an accordion book collaboration I did with Jacki.  The next square is the one I did for Michele Rawlings Unger.  The next one is the one I did for Irene Rafael.  Then the one I did for Brian Kasstle. And last is the square I made for John Arbuckle- this is the artist that organized this caper.   I forgot to scan the one I made for Thomas LaBadia and I haven't made the one for myself yet.


  1. Replies
    1. thanks Connie- did you ever get the postcard?

  2. Very cool! It's fun to see how each one looks and how you will put them together.

  3. Oh Terry, I love mine and all of them! You have such a great style.
    I have copied your first paragraph for my blog tomorrow, and the next day,
    as I post # 5 & 6, mailed yesterday. Like you, I haven't done mine yet.

  4. Thank you Jacki- I love all of the ones i have received.

  5. I just love the one you did for me. The others are spectacular, too.

  6. Each and every one of these is inspirational - just spectacular. I am always inspired and amazed when I look at your collages.