Friday, August 14, 2015

Did This Really Happen?

It's been another long spell between posts.  I had been getting ready to teach a class on Whidbey Island with John Arbuckle and Brian Kasstle. (see previous post)  Well I am home now after a wonderful experience teaching the class.  So this post is about my trip out there.

This is a shot of the supplies we took to the island- actually there was even more than this.  That's John in the upper left.  All of this somehow fit in his Toyota Camry trunk along with our suitcases!!!

Here we are driving onto the ferry to the island

Group shot on the ferry.  From left- Brian, me, John, Irene and Jacki. Jacki and Irene came from Southern California for the class.  This was a reunion as we were all together February 2014 for a journaling day at Irene's house.

Two shots of the class in progress.

Last evening all together-

It was a magical time- such wonderful energy.


  1. Beautiful Terry! So many wonderful memories, perfect!
    Just need to get to it more often? ♥♥♥ Miss you! ♥

    1. I do hope we can make art together soon.

  2. Thanks for posting these memory photos. What a time we had getting all those supplies into the car and still keep room for Brian! I can't get over how much fun we had and that we are actually going to return in July 2017!

  3. Oh it looks so special. I know for sure I good time was had by all. How could that not happen with this crew?!?!?