Friday, December 2, 2016

Still Juggling Many Emotions

Well 2 spreads in 2 days- it was a very gloomy day and has been and will be for the next week- this time of year is so challenging for me- I have S.A.D. I use one of the blue lights- helps some but I spiral down sometimes in this. Not sure what to say about this- dealing with letting go of some things- well a lot of things really- The three figures are like my past self present self and my future self. As we head towards the end of the year I tend to get retrospective and reflective. I am sure many of you do as well. The burning of the paper with what I want to be done with or are done with was powerful for me today. The spread is called Stages of Release. This is the opposite of yesterday's as it's big for me the spread is 12 x 18.  The one below the first one is smaller-

Yesterday I carved a moon stamp and finally got to it today. I also found some stamps I had carved at least 20 years ago. They are the trees you can see in the spread- I like how they are there but not jumping out at you- Sometimes I do title my spreads- This is titled: Dark Forest Moon. The strip with the nude man is from a Muybridge motion study.Like many of us after the election are feeling very vulnerable - the house in the lower left was the first house my husband and I ever bought- many years ago- this history of connection is my foundation.  I did this spread in my sidekick journal- so the spread is small 6" x 9". Small for me. The second photo is of the stamps.


  1. I love seeing the stamps you carved, they are so cool.. Well done! I understand how you feel .. Michigan had dreary winters and I love the Florida sun.. Hoping you will get some sunshine soon.. ☺️

  2. I am not sure if I have S.A.D. I most likely do because I loathe this time of the year. Although for me it was much worse when I lived out in the country. Being in the city and seeing people walking around does help me a bit. Love your stamps......

  3. I am so glad you can express yourself the way you do. Every time you create you give just a little bit more of yourself. I can see it on the works that you do. This is so healthy and you are so successful at it. Wonderful!

  4. Both of these pieces seem very emotional to me, and I think many of us share these feelings of vulnerability and uncertainty. You have a real talent for expressing emotion in such a beautifully talented way.

    1. Thank you Sharmon-I think this is especially hard- as the whole terrible Trump mess and the holidays- all makes for an intense emotional overload.