Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Run Away

This one is called Run Away Art and is a hand cut and paste collage.  The two background houses are rubber stamps from Teesha Moore- I love the house shape and she did a whole set of these.  The background is a piece of wallpaper border.  I do love that quote and have found it to be so true.  I remember some time back someone had said to me in passing- you sure seem to like subdued colors.  I do sometimes but I also love explosive color- I was right there in the 60s when all that wild stuff was going on- Peter Max and that Beatles movie Yellow Submarine come to mind.  So this one is a nod to that time of my life.  When was the last time you ran away into your art?


  1. I love the citrus in this piece. Totally fun!

  2. OK, I can see where the subdued color comment comes in. This one is anything but! VERY cool image! You are a master of the Articulate Image.

  3. Oh the 60's! Very cool spread man!