Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Scissors & Barkringing

This one is called Scissors & Barkringing.  This one is done on a painted background and the elements were cut out and glued.  While I do enjoy doing some collage work digitally, I still really like to have all my collages materials strewn on my work table.  I can pick and try different things right on the actual background.  Guess I am old school in that I like having the collage elements in my hand.  The older I get the more challenging the cutting gets with my X-acto.  Not ready to give it up yet.


  1. I think you know how much I like this piece and to have the original is still a total amazement to me. Wonderful!

  2. Terry! I love this piece! I LOVE purple. I think actual cut and paste pieces are my favorites.

  3. Hi Guys-
    Thanks for the nice comments. The guy in the picture is Ron's great great grandfather as a young man.

  4. Ha! He looks like Ron! Except I didn't notice until you pointed it out. But there's definitely a family resemblance. Fun!

    I was going say, before I got distracted by that little observation, that I so agree about doing real cut-and-paste. There is something very satisfying about the tactile experience that is certainly an integral part of art making. Even though it means I have to peel glue off my fingertips.