Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Two Blue Men

This collage titled Two Blue Men is a digital one.  The two men are from an image CD that a man made for me- I was taking a class at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts and he was the only other male in the class so we sat together- he saw the imagery that I liked and said he had something for me.  Turns out at an estate sale he got a whole box of old photographs that were of someone's trip to Europe in 1902.  He scanned them all and gave me a CD of those photographs.  They were black and white of course so I tinted it.  I haven't looked at that CD for a while now so I think I should do that.


  1. This is wonderful! I love the mix of color. The pink and blue really compliment each other. The mix of collage variables draws me to the right and from the top to the bottom. Great layering on this digital piece.

  2. I really like this one two Terry! Great digital spread.

  3. What fun -- to not only get those swell photos to play with, but to make that kind of art-buddy connection with someone in your class.