Monday, March 11, 2013


This hand cut and paste collage was a lot of fun.  I was given a whole box of old school stuff- flash cards- words games and such so that's where the informal word came from.  I pulled that one out of the stack and took off from there.  It's fun to try different ways to start a piece. 


  1. I love the background on this one close up. You have such wonderful vintage images of men. I really, really love this piece. So... wonderful!

  2. Love the movement. Love the balance. Love the background. This is the perfect time of the year for Witch Hazel. What a lovely smell! Great piece!

  3. lucky me! came across your blog and just love your work.
    i have tried my hand at collage and enjoy the therapeutic aspects of the 'cut and paste' process, but in the end, i find i am not that great at it.

    ps: while visiting your blog, i wondered if you had a background in education . . . a hunch that was confirmed after reading your profile.