Sunday, March 17, 2013

Not To Scale

This collage started with the piece in the right corner- I had cut out a portrait out of that piece and it ended up on top of the blue painted paper and I loved the look.  The rest just came together.  I love it when I finish a piece and feel as though it just made itself- taken over by the muse.


  1. One terrific posting of your work. Your process is so familiar to me. It happens all the time where something just evolves and I love happy accidents and works that take on life of its own.

  2. Nice work, Terry! I also love the color contrast of the head cut out over the painted paper, as well as the varied textures of each. The downcast eyes really make the image work! Wonderful compositional balance, with the hand, the pencils, and the floral imagery in the upper right, directing the viewer's eye clockwise around the visual plane. Absolutely love it when the muse takes over. It makes the end result a complete surprise!

  3. It is wonderful when magic like this happens and you just find your flow and the page happens organically and not forced. Magic!