Saturday, October 5, 2013

More Collage Class Pieces

Here are the last four collages from our last assignment using tracing paper printouts and layering.  I really liked this and plan to do more of them. I liked the size- 4 by 5 inches-  bigger than an artist trading card yet smaller than I usually work.

This one is titled: No More Fake Smiles

He Could Run But Never Hide

Chance Toss

Back In Step


  1. I really love the tracing paper..................Must try.

  2. I can guess the meaning behind many of your pieces. Working from the heart and soul of your life is evident. What a way to express! Super all around, Terry.

  3. These are wonderful Terry. Especially the second one. What great images and imaginings.

  4. They're all fabulous, Terry! Layers of imagery and of meaning -- I like it!

    1. Thanks Sharon- layers indeed! pretty gloomy up here otoay but the color is wonderful.