Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Recent Journal spreads

There are the most recent journal spreads I made in the last week or so.  Once again the copy is what I wrote when I shared them with the journal group.  This time I will start with the oldest to the newest-  and will include the dates.

March 16 at 3:18pm
Thank you for all the good thoughts and prayers- . We got not good news from the angiogram yesterday. Ron will need to have open heart surgery to replace a valve. We hope to have our consultation with the surgeon next week - the doctor yesterday said this is not an emergency but needs to be done soon as possible. So we hope the surgery will be scheduled soon after that- long recovery. Moving plans on hold. So today's spread is dealing with that- The title is: I don't Feel Like Making Lemonade.

March 17 at 3:25pm
Ok you are fair warned this is a rant- for the people that said I am just gloom and doom well it is looking more and more like what is happening. Trumpcare will kill people plain and simple. Before it was legal for Ron and I to get married i couldn't carry him on my insurance and and he had cancer- the expensive insurance that he did have with a 15 thousand deductible was suddenly dropped he had cancer they didn't want him anymore- it was before The affordable care was passed and they couldn't deny you with a pre-existing condition. - he finally found someone that would insure him for 4 thousand a month with a 12 thousand deductible. I say make the members of congress have what they are suggesting for the rest of the country. Buit then most are already millionaires so they could still pay for it-
And taking away meals on wheels- WTF? My mother-in-law was able to stay in her home because she received meals on wheels and didn't have to cook because she could no longer Ron and I paid for it but I mean how cruel- and not I just read free lunch at school for kids that can't afford it isn't worth it. Who are these monsters- where is the humanity- gone from our government. This spread is about the worry about health care.

March 19 at 2:26pm
I have been mulling over something that someone here said to me a while back- that I just talk about gloom and doom- well sometimes it really does seem like that's what it is in this country now-I know there are many wonderful things and this group certainly is one of those wonderful things. Seeing your expressions here feed my soul- I love seeing your wonderful works from happy ones to the serious. The collective energy from this group is the medicine that will get us through these times. I was thinking about the tale of Chicken Little. Many of you know that one- (well maybe the older ones like me LOL) The Sky is Falling The Sky is Falling- In the tale chicken little was wrong it was just an acorn hitting his head- but I do fear with the current plans to destroy the EPA that the sky very well may be falling- I care deeply for this country and for the environment world-wide. We need to stop the madness or the world will not be fit for the grand children to live in.

Keep Knocking and the joy inside will eventually open a window and look out to see who's there. Rumi
That is the quote for this spread. I do have to knock pretty hard sometimes but I do still have joy.

March 21  at 2:39pm
WE got the call today- Ron will have surgery the 31st- next week! So many emotions. It will be a big surgery - they will be replacing a valve and doing a by-pass. I titled this spread Breathe. I need to work on my breathing anyway- and I need to revisit my mindfulness books. Thank you for your thoughts & prayers. Also thank you for your continued comments on my journal work. Your love and support mean so very much.


  1. much love to you and Ron for his op. I hope it goes really well and he recovers quickly.

  2. I don't think I've ever commented, but I love your journals. And yes, breathe. It will be all right. Breathe.

  3. Even though you would most likely rather have a different topic to journal about, you are doing an amazing job expressing your feelings and concerns through art! :-)

  4. Terry, you and Ron are going through a lot. Like your recent spread about the arrow, it can't be launched forward without going back a bit!

  5. I'm so glad to hear Ron's surgery is next week! Your collages are the best, as usual. Sending lots of love, prayers and blessings to you both. xx