Friday, October 13, 2017

New Book Collaboration

I recently did an accordion book collaboration with Nancy Gene Armstrong, a terrific artist in Louisiana. I saw her work on Facebook and was so drawn to it. Her collages are very narrative- each one seems a story and that is how I often like to work as well.  The first book is mine and I will show my starts and then show her finish.  Then the next book will be hers- I will show her start and then how I finished it. I love the challenge of a collaboration like this-

My start  for inside of my book

Nancy's finish for the inside of my book. She
told me the bright colored background I had painted
was a challenge for her as she never uses bright color. As you can see she did just fine!

The finished book  inside standing up.

My start for the backside of my book

Nancy's finish for the backside of my book.

The finished backside of the book standing up.

Now for Nancy's book. She uses amazing old papers for her backgrounds. Old letters, ledger pages
and pieces of old book pages with that amazing "patina" of age.

Nancy's start for the inside of her accordion book.

My finish for Nancy's book inside.

 The inside of Nancy's book standing up.

Nancy's start of the backside of her book.

My finish for the backside of Nancy's book.

The backside of Nancy's book standing up.


  1. What a fun collaboration! :-)

  2. These are wonderful, Terry. I love the masculine/feminine mix. Congrats to both of you for such a successful collaboration!

  3. Replies
    1. thank you so much Connie. I am very happy about it.

  4. Love the looks of both of these accordions.

  5. These are wonderful Terry! What talent! ♥
    And it shows that you love collaboration! Bravo!

  6. Sorry it took me forever to stop by, I just love the difference in background colors! and the narratives are just wonderful!! xox

    1. Thank you Caterina. I am very happy with the collaboration!