Saturday, January 20, 2018

January 2018- over have gone!

I will post some journal work here and a journal I started from a used book I bought. I have several journal pages and will post some of those.
The winter has been brutal with many days and night of way below zero weather. So with doing outdoor activities not being an option I have done some real thinning in preparation for our hopeful move to New Mexico.  It is hard to  get the studio thinned   and ready as every time I go down there I want to make art- SO I need t know I will just have to have some art time when I can.

This spread is in a large journal with fold outs- this is 25" long.  I did this for an assignment for  the online class I took with Fonda Clark Haight.  We were working with our spirit animals-  This one is title: The Blue Bear Walks.

This spread was inspired by a quote from Alan Alda:
“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself.”

Here is my last spread for 2017- it felt good to do this I wrote out a lot- I did that Target over my face quite a while back for a group I am a part of that uses targets in the work. In this context I have felt  that being gay has made LGBT a target due to the political actions of some. But you know what? They didn't get me and they won't. The figure with the target with a heart in it is me moving forward. My work in the coming year is to continue to work from my heart and to continue to share my heart with others. Carol Wiebe shared a link to an article about Walt Whitman. Such an amazing man- this quote of his says what I intend to do.
Re-examine all you
have been told.
Dismiss what insults your soul.
This spread was inspired by a quote I saw that a wonderful artist, Linda Linda Eaton Marcille used for a piece.
Sometimes we need both hands to climb out of a place. Sometimes there are steep places, where one has to walk ahead of the other. If I can’t find you, I’ll look deeper in myself. If I can’t keep up, if you’re far ahead, look back. Look back.
―Anne Michaels
This last spread I am sharing was inspired by this quote.  
The best view comes after the hardest climb

This is a digital collage I did recently.  Sometimes I like to do things digitally.
The title is: Dangerous Climb.

This is the used book I mentioned that I bought and I will use it as an art journal.  The first photo is my cover I did over the existing one.   The book is 14" tall and I will more than likely paint over the pages with gesso, paint and then collage.  I removed half of the pages so that it hopefully will be able to be closed without bulging when I finish.



  1. Love this incredible body of work.. It is so very powerful when grouped together, and each piece stands on it's own brilliance. Well done, dear friend! 😘

    1. Thank you dear Cat. means a lot. Love your posts that video of your journal for the year is so wonderful.

  2. Wow Terry! Your work is soulful and stunning.
    So much of you is on the pages, beautifully.
    I am such a fan! Stay warm & love to Ron.

  3. Thank you sweet Jacki! And I am a fan of your wonderful work as well!

  4. I love all of it and really appreciate how much you communicate through your art -- your commentary is helpful and interesting that way, too. I'm picking up some hopefulness and moving forward from the shocks and despair of the past year. I especially appreciate the heart/target spread. Thanks for sharing and my very best wishes as you prepare for relocating. If you are still in Bemidji this summer, C and I really must make a point to pay a visit before you are much farther away!

    1. Thank you Sharon- We will see how it goes- we will put our house on the market later February.

  5. Really enjoy your interpretations. There is such depth to the pieces. Seems like a wonderful way to create. Love your work Terry.

  6. Terry, I always enjoy your work. It has so many layers and such depth, both visually and spiritually! Plus, I'm SO jealous that you are moving to New Mexico. I grew up in Albuquerque, and go back to visit whenever I can. Best of luck there!!! John

    1. Thank you so much. I am both excited and nervous - have never lived out of the midwest before.

  7. Hey, friend, I finally made it over to your blog. You know I love what you do, and these pages are no exception. You are always inspiring and inspired!