Sunday, January 27, 2019

Last week of January

Well the time just zooms it seems.  I have been to some groups lately a wonderful collage group- 2 different book arts groups and have been to a printmakers studio and printed with some fun artists.  Yesterday I took a collograph class a The Remarque Print Workshop.  That is an amazing place here.
Have had some health stuff to deal with- Going in to see a specialists about a test I had.  Ron is having his second surgery on his eye-that happens next week.  So in between that I have had time for some art making. I don't have pictures yet from the workshop yesterday but here are some collages from the class I am taking.

We'll Be Watching You
This collage is very different for me- we printed some gelli prints on transparency sheets. This collage is a sandwich in that I printed one on paper then  I cut out and added the collage elements and then put the transparency over it all.
Sometimes A Door Must Close
This collage started with one piece glued down- it was the paper that looks like netting.  Then the rest was added.

River of Time
This started with the piece of map- then added the rest. I figure in front is an altered very old photograph and I printed it out on a old dictionary page.

The Weight of Home
This collage started with the piece  of numbers and letters with the square punched out.  The trees are a rubber stamp.

Not So Merrily Down The Stream
This collage started with the 2 pieces of red grid paper from an EKG I had done last year along with the piece of book text.

Emma's Garden

This started with  A piece of tissue with the colored circles.

A House In The Woods

This started with  the red house like shape I found in my box of collage fodder.  I cut the trees out of the insides of an envelop.

Another One Got Away

I started this collage with the gray scale pieces.

There Was Trouble At Dinner

This last one started out with the odd shaped piece behind the man.



  1. Terrific work Terry as always. I love your titles too!
    Best wishes to you and Ron on the medical fronts.
    Please take good care!

    1. Thank you my friend-yes we need those positive vibes.