Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mind Journey

This hand cut & pasted collage is titled: Mind Journey.  The quote seem right for now with the year ending and another one beginning.  A clean slate.  I think I have always loved beginnings and endings.  As a teacher- there was the school year- The school year started and at the end a time to reflect what went well what I wanted to change for the better- then another start when the next year started.  Now the new year is a time I feel that time of reflection.  Sad to see some of it end and yet excited about the new year ahead.  This year has been a very full one and was one full of change.  I feel so blessed to be living in the woods with my soul-mate.  The move was difficult but so worth it.  I also had the wonderful good fortune to connect with some other artists that I feel very close to.  This has filled a void and is a real boost to my continued growth as an artist.
Happy Solstice- let the longer days begin!


  1. What a good time to spend reflecting! It is funny that you have a figure with a crown. I have been working on a self-portrait that is of me with a crown! Isn't it great that one can go on journeys and not even have to leave the house. Meeting good friends over the internet has changed my life this year as well.

  2. Where have I been??? Off in my own little world that's where... Yes, I too enjoy the end of the year as a time of reflection and new beginnings. Yes, I agree meeting good close friends over the internet has been refreshing and so energizing for me as well, especially at I time I really needed it! So very grateful for you both!