Saturday, December 15, 2012

What Are We?

This is a hand cut and paste collage.  I made this a while back but given the terrible tragedy at the elementary school I find myself asking this question.  What are we?  I spent a major part of my art teaching career in elementary schools.  How things have changed since I first started teaching- my last few years teaching that level we had to have ID badges on at all times- the school doors were locked as classes started for the day.  We had lock-down practice and practiced school evacuations should we need to get the students out of the school for a bomb threat.  We all have lost our innocence.  So sad to see it happen to such young lives.  My heart goes out to the families and the students and staff. Hug each other and tell those close to you that you love them...everyday.


  1. This is an amazing piece, Terry. I lived in a house much like the one you have included. Your message is right on as well. I, too, have experienced the lockdowns in an elementary school. One hopes that the drill will never be needed and then something like this happens to remind us, yes, it is possible. Such a tragedy! My heart goes out to all the families who lost a loved one by this senseless act.

  2. Terry, this is a very timely and moving piece. I remember growing up and our elimentary and even hs was never locked down. We did not have such drills. So much innocense lost. I was in San Francisco this past weekend, I could see it in the faces of children. Fear. So sad. My heart goes out the the families of all that were lost.

  3. Hi, Terry! I've just spent the last several minutes catching up on all of your blog posts since, around, Thanksgiving. I really enjoy the thoughtful/thought-provoking comments for each of your pieces. And. . .as always, some absolutely incredible artwork. Thanks for sharing. (I just need to remember to stop by "Whisperwood" more often, and see what you're up to!