Monday, December 3, 2012

Nature of Creative Teaching

The title for this hand cut & paste collage came from the title of the section of text in the lower left.  While I was teaching art education classes at the university I found a bunch of old art education texts from the 50s and 60s.  They have been a fun source of collage fodder.  The photograph is very old-I believe it is of my great great grandmother as a young girl.  The background is from a scan my partner did-  we both like putting things on the scanner bed- he had these old dried dragonflies and put some fabric over them- I of course had to alter that.


  1. I really love the color choices in this piece as they really unite the composition. The photo is perfect and I love the way you altered it. This piece is almost a piece within a piece. It is fun hearing about where the different aspects came from. Totally wonderful, sir!

  2. I find this piece quite fascinating. There is a lot of details to explore and the fact that this image is of your own relative makes it even better.