Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Stage Fright

This one was fun.  It's titled:  Edward's Stage Fright Was Beginning to be a Problem.  Sometimes
it's important to just have fun.  That's the case with this hand cut and paste collage.  I altered a photograph of an auditorium for the background.  The idea just came out of nowhere.  When I was much younger I did some community theater acting.  I had a part in the Neil Simon play, LUV.  There are only 3 characters in the whole play- it was the most lines I had ever had to learn and almost lost it opening night.  When I finished this collage that was the memory that was triggered.


  1. You had me at celadon. Love that color! Nice to learn something new about you...acting.

  2. I love the vintage colors and feel of this one. Isn't it interesting the meanings of our spreads sometimes come to us AFTER they are done?It happens often to me as well.