Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Grosbeaks & LetterHead

The title to this hand cut and paste collage is the title of this post.  I love to paint paper- I will sometimes paint large sheets of paper like 22' X 30". I cut it to the size of the background that I want to use.  It is incredibly freeing to paint with large strokes and mixing colors right on the sheet.  It is very different from the elements I carefully cut for my collages.  I sometimes will spend a whole day cutting out things to collage with.  It becomes almost a Zen-like exercise as I just get in the zone with a sharp blade. The letterhead guy is from a rubber stamp from a long time ago- the company was called Mars Tokyo.  I love mail art and that stamp made me think of that.


  1. It is obvious that you are having too much fun! Great color mix!

  2. Wow what a great background. I love the letterhead guy. We need to revive some mail art. It's so fun and cool to receive mail art.