Saturday, September 28, 2013

Back Home

Time for a post.  I have been gone for a week.  I was down in Minneapolis for a long overdue visit to friends- saw art - ate great food and did major damage at an art supply store!  The visit was bittersweet for me.  I realized how much I miss these friends and yes the city too- the energy the art the diversity.  I had not been there for 3 years so I need to go more often.
This collage is one of the last ones- I think I have two left I have yet to share.  Like the others in the series, this is both digital and actual cut and paste.  William Was at a Crossroads is the title for this one.  Like the others, this one has great personal meaning for me and yet I think others can imagine their own storyline here.


  1. Another great one, Terry. Glad you had a good visit in MN, sounds like it was a terrific time. Been meaning to ask you ~ are you working on watercolor paper? and are your pieces individual collages or are they in a journal? Also, how big are they? Thanks much. Talk soon.

  2. Very Mad Men. Glad you had a good trip. I am off to spend the day with a creative friend. I think it's time for a chat this week.

    Hugs Bri

  3. I just love this piece and the series and your new style for this series. Wonderful!

  4. A crossroads indeed. Very apt for right now.

  5. I absolutely love the muted color and the texture of the background on this ! Beautiful Terry.