Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Double Dare

I had fun playing off the background in this one.  A friend thought I had manipulated the Gelli print background in the computer but I didn't.  When I was doing the print I just over printed one on top of the other.  I do scan some of these as the original print was done on 12" x 18" paper so I had to scan it down to get a better size to work with. The title: Do I Dare came from a friend. The guy in the day-dreaming state seems to be thinking about what to do.  I do really like creating these stories.  So many possibilities- It reminds me when I was pondering retiring from teaching, wondering what it would be like.  Well having been retired for two years now- it's terrific.  I still teach workshops but these are of my own choosing.


  1. Love this piece! Another name for it could be Yearning. You have had such a success in your new series!

    1. Thanks John,
      The one below this one is titled Yearning.