Monday, July 21, 2014

Taking ANother Class

This suite of little collages I made this afternoon as an assignment for an online class I am taking from Randel Plowman. I enjoyed his first class so much I decided to take his second one. It's always fun to get assignments that push me to do something I may not do on my own. The other nice thing is meeting the other people in the class and like his first one- people from all over the world really. These are 5 inch square collages- they were to be color collages- I did the 3 primary and the 3 secondary colors.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Round Robin Journal

I wanted to share a spread in a journal I just finished. This was done in Irene Rafael's journal it's part of a round robin journal group that John Arbuckle orgaized- of course John is in it and Irene and myself and Brian Kasstle Jacki Long Michele Rawlings. We all made the same size and kind of journal.  We each started by doing a spread in our own journal and then mailed it on.  John organized the mailing schedule. This project is nearing it's completion. At the end of next month we will all get our journals back full of Wonderful pages.  The extra challenge was having the mini-spread inside the regular spread. The first photo shows the journal standing up. Then the next is the left half of the spread- then the right side and the last one is the center of the mini-spread.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Finally A Post!

It can't believe it has been since June 21st.  The time sure has been going fast.  I have been doing studio work but just not posting.
I had a wonderful visit from a very dear friend, Thomas LaBadia.  Thomas is from Florida and enjoyed our cooler temps.  We had several great studio days together.  We made journals, did Gelli printing, did some journaling together and lots more.  Here are some pictures.  It was such a magical time.

 Some hiking in Lake Bemidji State Park
 Our completed journals

 Fun mess making!
 Gelli prints
 My journal spread using prompts from each other
 Tom's Journal spread using prompts
 My mixed media portrait of Tom
Tom's mixed media portrait of me