Thursday, June 30, 2022

Wrapping Up June

 I can hardly believe it is July Friday. Time is zooming.  The good news is we have received some good rains here in Albuquerque. Hoping for more.

I took a 2 day workshop June 17th & 18th.  This was at Remarque Print Workshop.  The workshop was taught by a terrific artist. Creating Monotypes with Chine CollĂ© was the class taught by Barbara Kuzara- a terrific artist and teacher. Her way of doing Chine Colle was very different from what I had learned- I learned lots and creating the many layers was so challenging and exciting. It was a terrific 2 days. The three collages are from the workshop- they are 5" X 7". I enjoyed working small.

This print is titled "I Carry You In My Heart".  Some of the imagery here is printed onto tissue like paper.  There are many layers in this and when working in layers it is hard sometimes to get the order of adding the parts correct. This one went through the press at least 5 times.

The title for this one is "Star Light Star Bright".  Like the one above, this has elements that were printed on Nepalese Lokta paper, a natural tissue paper. This print also has many layers.

The title for this print is: "Make Me An Angel". The background is a
Cyanotype I did from a photograph I took using a wooden doll house as a set. All the parts except for the chair were printed on Lokta paper.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Once Again- I have neglected this blog

Greetings- I don't know what it is but I so seldom take time to do a blog post- I have many things I have made since the mid April post. I will try to show a few- I have some pieces up right now at Ricochet Gallery here in Albuquerque. The show there right now is Albuqueerque and it is a wonderful show celebrating LGBT pride.

The pieces I have up there right now are Tutelary deities.
A tutelary deity is a deity or spirit who is a guardian, patron or protector of a particular place, geographic feature, person, lineage, nation, culture or occupation. A household deity for example is a deity or spirit that protects the home, looking after the entire household or certain key members.
These are 13 inches tall and 8 inches wide. The backgrounds are old book pages and tea bag papers. I have had these house shaped pieces of wood for years as well as the molding samples from a frame shop- finally the idea clicked and I made these Guardians. The three female ones are smaller collages and in house shaped frames.  This show at Ricochet Gallery is up  through to 25th. The gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday 12pm-4pm.