Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Collaboration Envelop Books

 Wow march is zooming- it is at the halfway point today. Still getting use to the "Spring Ahead" time change. Clocks are all changed except for the cars- I never remember how to do that and both cars are done so differently from one another.

I believe I have mentioned I am in a wonderful little art group that meets once a month in Mountainair  a very small town an hour and a half south of Albuquerque. We usually take turn teaching each other something. This time we are working on an envelop book round robin. The envelop book is made by gluing the flaps of the envelops to each other- this results in a fun accordion book with pockets.  The books are making the rounds to each of us- when completed we will each have a both that all the group has worked in. As always with things like this- part of the challenge is working in someone's book that has a style far from your own. We each picked a theme for our books.

Thus first book is my friend Jacques Dorier's book. With Jacques you see his more is better approach. His book now is about 6 inches tall when closed and will get bigger as others work in it. Jacques choose Birds and Bees as his theme.  We make things for the pockets as well I did 2 zines to include in his and a couple of decorated tags.

This is my first spread in Jacques's book. You can see the zines peaking out from the pockets.

This is the second spread in his book with 2 tags I made.

The last two spreads do not have pockets.

This is the last spread I did in Jacques's book. The background
is a gel plate print.
This is his book closed!

The next 4 pictures are in Kristine Olson's book.  Her theme is floral.
Here is the first spread in her book. The background is a gel plate print.

This is the second spread in her book showing the tags that slip into the pockets.

This is the 3rd spread in Kristine's book with more tags.

This is the last spread in her book. I had great fun with these.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Last of the Februllage collages

 Here are the remaining Februllage collages. I enjoyed this challenge which in some ways surprised me as I often don't like to work from prompts. Now it is onto other projects.

Prompt number 20 was thirst. This one is a combination

of analog and digital.

The 21st prompt was Hide & Seek. The background here is a gel plate print

that I added paint to. The elements were then glued on top.

This is my digital collage for prompt number 22 Waves.

Prompt number 23 was Ink.  This is a digital collage.

Prompt 24 was stack. Another digital collage here- I had fun making the giant Rock cairn.



These two analog collages are for prompt number 25  The 1970s.

Prompt 26 was Fire. For what ever reason a John Prine song
came to mind- this is the verse from "Angel from Montgomery"
If dreams were lightning
and thunder were desire
this old house would've burned down
a long time ago.
I thought this digital one went well for
the fire prompt.

Climb is the 27th prompt. This is a digital collage.

Here is the last Februllage collage. The prompt for the 28th was Scissors.
This collage has a backgroup that was made using a scan of a gel plate print that I altered 
and the elements were glued on that.