Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Last of the Februllage collages

 Here are the remaining Februllage collages. I enjoyed this challenge which in some ways surprised me as I often don't like to work from prompts. Now it is onto other projects.

Prompt number 20 was thirst. This one is a combination

of analog and digital.

The 21st prompt was Hide & Seek. The background here is a gel plate print

that I added paint to. The elements were then glued on top.

This is my digital collage for prompt number 22 Waves.

Prompt number 23 was Ink.  This is a digital collage.

Prompt 24 was stack. Another digital collage here- I had fun making the giant Rock cairn.



These two analog collages are for prompt number 25  The 1970s.

Prompt 26 was Fire. For what ever reason a John Prine song
came to mind- this is the verse from "Angel from Montgomery"
If dreams were lightning
and thunder were desire
this old house would've burned down
a long time ago.
I thought this digital one went well for
the fire prompt.

Climb is the 27th prompt. This is a digital collage.

Here is the last Februllage collage. The prompt for the 28th was Scissors.
This collage has a backgroup that was made using a scan of a gel plate print that I altered 
and the elements were glued on that.

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  1. I do not know where you find all of your ephemera to create to the prompts but OMG, these are wonderful! :-). John