Thursday, January 21, 2021

What a Year 2020 Was And 2021 Has Started Off With A Bang

 I will say that I was happy to start the new year- the the idiots that invaded the capitol shook me beyond where I had been. Yesterday was wonderful- a very nice. I am hopeful now- the ugliness has faded but it will not go away. Wishing you all a new year full of love and good health.

I have been busy with some mail art projects and have enjoyed that and I am in an online class The Down Deep 2021 with Fonda Clark Haight. She offers this class once a year and I have taken it twice before,  She has a way of getting you to go deep down and finding your truths. I will share a spread from that class- it is in progress. Here is that spread- we were to think of our earliest childhood memory. The piece after that was an exercise using a background we made.

To balance this course which can get heavy- I bought a 2021 Collage Planner from Margarette Miller.  Each week there is a spread on the left hand side is a background she has provided and on the right side are the dates for that week and also there are  the prompts for making that week's collage. I find it a fun challenge.