Saturday, April 2, 2016

A new Book Collaboration

I am starting an accordion book collaboration with Julia Dean.
She is a wonderful artist living in Australia. I think these book collaborations are like a collaborative journal where we both work in the books. I have done many of these and find it to be challenging and exciting. For those new to this idea- I make 2 books- one will be for her to start and I start one- I mail it to her she finishes mine and starts hers then mails my finished one back to me along with her start- I finish it and mail it back to her so we each get a completed book with both of us having worked on them. My start on the inside is my response to all the hate and hateful legislation being passed in this country. The other side is about us each carrying our own idea of what home means inside us. I will show each side flat and standing up as it can.