Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Fear & Anxiety In The Time of Coronavirus

There have been a few movies about pandemics. I never thought I would be living in the midst of one. Ron and I are in an at risk group- we are in our late 60s and both of us have cardio issues and Ron has Emphysema. We are staying in as we were told to. I turn to my art journal when I need to express my feelings about all of this. I hope you are all ok and are able to avoid this dreaded virus.
Here are two journal spreads.

Viral Apprehension

There is debate about the spelling of this. One site said this is the correct way....
This is in one of the journals I bind- in this one there are several foldouts and this one is 22 inches long.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

The 4th irregular page book

I have completed four of these books now and that will be it for some time I think. I really got into these and am glad I pushed past my resistance of working on irregular edged pages. Like usual I have several other things in the works.  I am doing some prep for my gel plate printing class I am teaching March 21st.  Scroll down and you will see my class listed. https://www.remarqueprintshop.com/
Can you believe it is March!

Front Cover

First Spread- 

Second Spread

Third Spread

Fourth Spread

Center Spread

Sixth Spread

Seventh Spread

Eighth Spread

Ninth Spread

Back Cover