Saturday, April 6, 2019

Two posts in a row I forgot this terrific collab

I forgot this fabulous collaboration I did with Allan Bealy  I sent him  4 monoprints and he collaged on them- this was a terrific collaboration We rocked this Allan!

Spring in New Mexico

Well it was a long time once again since I posted-  life happens- we both got the flu and that was intense. Some other medical stuff but it is all ok.
I have been working along on things I am in a few collaborations and I am in 2 mail art groups- so i have been doing stuff for that.
This is our first spring in New Mexico and I have to say it is wonderful. I think it was 3 weeks ago we went to the botanical gardens here and the cherry trees were blooming and daffodils and tulips and other spring bulbs- this is thrilling as in Minnesota that a some weeks off yet.
I taught 2 book forms at Libros today- that is one of the book arts groups I am in- had a delightful time - such wonderful people.  Feeling very much full of gratitude- we have met so many wonderful people here.

This is a journal spread- has a monoprint background. 

This is a spread I did in an old passport.  There are several of these going around the world.  These of late have been narrative in nature- making stories up about the person whose passport it was.

next are 2 sets of three collaborations- the group is called Neo-Exquisite Corpse. This is our version of The Exquisite Corpse- you can google the meaning of that- ours works like this- three people each make 3 starts- on one they make a a start on the top  on one they make a start in the middle and on one they do a start on the bottom. Then is is mailed to the other two to finish.  I love the challenge of this.  You never know what the imagery will be until you get the set.  Here is the first set of three.

This set was done by me and Geronimo Finn in Austria and Carol White in Cork Ireland.

This is a second set with the same people.