Friday, May 29, 2020

What Happened to May?

Well the month is about over- Time is odd during this pandemic. We try hard to go out as little as possible- We both are at high risk  late 60s and heart issues. I am very thankful for my art- I have been doing at lot lately- I made many different zines- I have been working in my journal and have made some collages.  This post I will share my journal work- I finished a journal- I started this one in November in a coffee shop with a friend.  I miss meeting up for coffee. I will share some new collage work in another post.

This spread has an illustration by an artist- I can't recall his name- this illustration is at least 20 years old. Amazing how long I hold onto things.

This spread is about the fear I feel - many of us feel about the pandemic.
Reading that the outdoor walks aren't as safe as I thought they were.

No matter how hard I try- it is impossible to erase some of the bad memories.

I so wish there was a way to escape this pandemic.

This is the last spread.

The last page.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Pink is a Color I Seldom Use

This is another zine- The day I painted papers to use in projects- one ended up to be pink and it surprised me- I liked it. So I used  it to make a zine. Unlike some of the other zines I have made of late- this one is not gel printed. I used the text once again from a 1950s art education textbook. I also used some rubber stamps designed by the artist Seth Apter.

Front cover

First spread

Second Spread

Third Spread
Fourth Spread

Back Cover