Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What a Month!

I can't believe how fast the month has gone.  I have been doing a lot of collaborations and have more yet to do. I will share the latest ones here.  I also made the yearly trip to visit friends and family in Iowa.  I also have been busy cutting mats and framing collages and monoprints for I show I am having in November.  I will include  the info for that at the end of this post.
The first set is a completed set started by Carol White.  Nikki Soppelsa and I finished it.

                                             I did the bottom third, Nikki did the middle and
                                             Carol did the top third.

                                            Here I did the top third, Carol did the middle
                                            and Nikki did the lower third.

                                           Nikki did the top third, I did the middle and Carol
                                            did the bottom third.

      The next set is in progress.  Nikki started this set. I will be mailing these to Cork Ireland               
       for Carol  White to finish.

                                                  Nikki did the top and I did the bottom

                                                    I did the top and Nikki did the middle

                                                I did the middle and Nikki did the bottom

                                           And here's the info about my up coming show

Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Finished Accordion Book Collaboration

I recently finish an accordion book collaboration with a terrific artist, Jani Collins. I mailed her a blank accordion book and she did 2 spreads and started the back side and sent it back to me and I completed it with my two spreads and my additions to the back side.  This was a great challenge in the best way possible.  It's really like art improv.  One person starts the idea off and the other one runs with it.

Here are Jani's two spreads and the back:

Next are my 2 spreads and the back and a couple of views of the opened book.