Saturday, April 16, 2022

MidApril Already!

 Greetings- I can hardly believe April is have over! The springs blooms have been wonderful. And I will say the spring winds have been challenging here. That said my friends living in Minnesota had more snow this past week and cold temps.

I have been working on finishing up some collaborations. The envelop book project is completed now. I finished 2 more house collaborations. I will share those here.

This first house collaboration is with Matt French. Matt lives in the UK. His  digital collage work is amazing. The first photo is the house flat- that makes it way easier to ship. Then the rest are views of the house put together.

This next house is a collaboration is did with Matt Horner. Matt is a terrific collage artist living in Idaho.

Like the one above-first shot is the house flat. This is my start that Matt finished. The completed house photos follow.


The next set is the house that Matt Horner started and I finished. I so enjoyed doing
these house collaborations.