Sunday, January 26, 2020

Another Irregular page journal

Greetings- Sometimes I get so excited about a book idea or a book concept that I have to just keep making them.  I think what hooks me on these is the randomness of them.  Starting with painting paper on both sides. These were done with brushes but I am thinking of maybe doing some gel plate prints for pages. Hard to believe it is the start of the last week of January!

Thursday, January 23, 2020

A different book for me

Greetings- my first post for 2020.  I retaking an online class with Fonda Haight Clark titled The Down Deep. I am getting a lot out of it again- she is generous with her content and includes several bonus videos.  One was a junk journal of sorts- using painted papers that you didn't like and tearing them up and making a book- that is what I did here.
Most of my book structures that I make are pretty straight forward- even pages with covers.  This was way out of the box for me and I loved it.  Once I tore away making the pages- I made them into this one signature book or journal. Then I just started in- I had a big pile of collage fodder next to me on my table and I just picked things that called to me. There are few words in it- on one spread are the words from a song by Jim White titled Jailbird. and the other is a fortune from a fortune cookie I got a while back.
The photos start with the cover and then go to all the spreads to the back cover. I may at some point put something on the cover.

Now if the cleaning fairy would get over here
and clean up my studio table...