Thursday, February 11, 2016

Snowed under

Well we have received snow over the month since I posted last but this also refers to me almost snowed under from taking 3 online art classes.  I am really being stretched  in different ways.  The first few spreads are from the Pathways and Wanderings class- this is really a book of the seasons.  I still have yet to do the two spreads for fall.

This is my second winter spread- there is a mini book attached on the lower right with quotes.

Some of the exercises include doing table top arranged collages meant to just be photographed.

This is my first  Spring spread. The bird is a block print I carved.

This is my second Spring spread.  I scanned a drawing of mine and cut it apart to use in this spread. The leaves are printed from a leaf shape block I carved and printed on green paper.  And in the lower left is another mini-book I attached.

This is my first Summer spread.  It's about memories of fishing with my father and grandmother when I was very young.  The background is  done with CitriSolv on a National Geographic spread.  The fish I cut from some wrapping paper.  I included the Mer-Man as I use to daydream about being one when I was very young.

This is the second Summer spread.  I use to chase and catch butterflies to mount- freaks me out now that I did that- I was in elementary school.