Tuesday, April 28, 2015

On A Roll

Here are 9 more 4" X 6" collages.  I find these so addictive to make.  I love using scraps of my monoprints for the back grounds.  I came across some paper doll clothes from the 50s I think- that I forgot I had.  Those were very fun to work with here.

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Assertive Muse

These two collages came about from what I feel was my assertive muse.  I was in the studio sorting the stacks of  Gelli prints I have- Gelli prints are monoprints done with acrylic paint on a Gelli plate- I don't often plug products but this one is wonderful as I can monoprint with out a press with acrylic paint so it is water clean up.  Anyway I use my monoprints often for collage back grounds- sometimes cutting them up- in fact my previous post with the house collages is an example of that.  So I was sorting and I came across two that I was liking a lot and set them aside.  Then I just stopped and started looking for imagery and that's how these two collages came about.  They are around 8 X 10 inches.

Another Untold Story

River of Worry

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

And Now For Something Completely Different

Yes as they said on Monte Python... I just completed this suite of collages yesterday. I used cut up Gelli plate monoprint scraps for the backgrounds. I have been just loving Cleo Allan's work and so Cleo you inspired these. These are all 4" x 6". The fun altered houses are from a very fun clip art set from Marsha Salyer Jorgeneon. She is TumbleFish Studio. http://tumblefishstudio.blogspot.com/ Anyway I printed those out small to use in this set of collages. So they were cutout with my trusty X-acto.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tired of the Hate

This spread needs no title. I have found that when things build up- the best release is to do a journal spread.  The recent wild fire of anti-gay laws passed and pending is so disheartening and scary.  Just when it seemed things were turning around this wave of hate is so very hard to cope with.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Now for Jacki's Book

The previous post I showed the accordion book I made and Jacki finished.  This post shows the blank book I gave Jacki.  I will show her starts in it and my finishes.  This was a challenge for me but a very good one.  I wanted this to be special for her and her style is very different from how I usually work.  But as is often the case it just dove in and here is what happened.

This is the front of Jacki's book

This is the inside with her starts

Close up of the left side the the inside

Close up of the right side of the inside.

close up of my finish of Jacki's inside

Full view of the finished inside of Jacki's Book

This is the back side of the book with Jacki's starts

My finish of the back side of the book

 Jacki's left side start of the back side

 Jacki's right side start of the back side of book.

Finished back side of the book.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Wonderful Book Collaboration

This is an accordion book exchange with Jacki Long. http://jackilong.blogspot.com.  I just love how this came together. I have Jacki's book to finish now. Thanks so much Jacki.

This is my start for the inside

This is what Jacki added for the inside

This is the next section she added for the inside

This is the finished inside of the book.

 The is my start on the back side of the book.

Left side of the back of the book with Jacki's add.

Center section of the backside with Jacki's add

Right side of the book outside with Jacki's add

The completed back side