Monday, November 5, 2018

So Much for Posting More Often!

I didn't post the month of October. Still amazed how fast the time goes- The first week of October my art buddies were here- we rented an air bnb house and made art like crazy for a week- I will share some pictures form that and the journal pages that happened that week.  I am so thankful for this group - there seem to be few men in the mixed media- journaling world so having this group is very special.  There are a lot of men in the collage groups that I am part of.
We continue to discover new places here and have seen some terrific art- we have hiked in the foothill of the Sandias and I have joined a book making group that meets once a month. So feeling good about our move here.  There was a lot of fall color here- the cottonwood trees along the Rio Grande  are past peak but the yellows were stunning- I can see the mountains out our front door and I never tire of looking at them- they are ever changing in color and light.
 Here are some journal page spreads from the retreat.

This spread we call the prompt game where we go around the table and we each give a prompt- like 3 three collage images   and add white lines and add a number and so on-

This is a shot of the table where we worked.

John taught us a binding that was new to the rest of us- a slip-knot binding.
This is the inside of the slip knot book.



Here are the gents on our field trip to Santa Fe

Here we are in Old Town Albuquerque