Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Such a relief-The electoral folks did their duty.

 December has zoomed by!  Spraking of zoom I have so been thankful for that in being about to see and talk with friends- takes some of the sadness away. What I have now is growing hope.

I am grateful to Micaela Seidel- a terrific artist here in Albuquerque for starting the hand group.  Usually after I have a show there is that let down and this time it could have been worse with the show being cut so short. This hand project really motivated me to move on and explore. Should you be interested in this her group on facebook is called handmade hands- join the group and share!!! The diversity and quality of the work is terrific.

I did some different monoprinting after watching a video from Caterina Giglio. She is a terrific artist and has a blog and lots of videos. I monoprinted on a sheet of plexi-glass and on a sheet of this fun foam - it comes in sheets and really grabbed the paint. So these ended up to be great fun and then of course I had to collage them. I used  limited colors- red black and white on old book pages.

Be well and stay safe- hoping you have a nice holiday season!