Sunday, May 8, 2016

May Already

I can't seen to get on a regular schedule of posting on this blog. I went to California in mid-April and was gone for a week.  I took a class with my art pals Brian Kasstle and Thomas LaBadia-   The class was taught by an amazing woman- Orly Avineri.  The class was three days: The Visual Journal as Sanctuary .  I have yet to photograph the work from that- we altered old passports- the one I found for the class I found on Ebay- a man's passport from Greece 1951.  We made these into our own personal stories.  Orly teaches all over the world- this was one of the few  classes she taught in her home.  These first photos are from that.

Thomas and Brian and I spent the rest of the week together- we went to the Broad Art Museum in LA and that was amazing.  We also had time to work in our journals together.  The following pictures are of journal spreads I created while there and the last one is a spread I did after I got back as a tribute to the wonderful time.