Saturday, January 31, 2015

Journal Work

This is my Remember When spread in my journal that I am working in for a class from Juliana Coles.   I picked a very pivotal time.  I was maybe upper elementary 5th or 6th grade and some new people moved into the house down the block my brother and I were excited because they had kids- a couple were near our age. But Scott (I can't believe I still remember his name)  was much older high school and was so handsome and nice and I felt so excited everytime I was near him.  I had never felt that way before.  I made him gifts and he was nice but later politely blew me off- It was the first feeling of being gay- attracted to boys- I was confused but knew this attraction to boys was never going to go away. It did take me many years to really deal with it and come out.  It feels so good to be happy with who I am. The figure on the right has the transparent little boy in it- - I felt it captured that young child that still lives in each of us.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

More Art Paper Doll Fun

Well I got into making these and now I have had enough.  I will say these are addictive once you start making them and realize there are endless possibilities.  I loved making puppets when I was a young boy.  The articulated paper dolls remind me of puppets.  This will be the last of these as I am anxious to get back to some collage and monoprinting and journaling.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Time for Some Fun

I often realize that I do seldom allow myself to just play- have fun in the studio.  It's not that I am serious all the time but it is a different mindset when I am making a collage or working on a journal spread.  These articulated paper dolls were really a lot of fun to do. The first one I used gelli print scraps and a Picasso head drawing I found and reduced-  The second one I used some printed paper from India and the head is a head painted by Modigliani.  I you google paper art dolls or search on Pinterest under paper dolls you will be amazed.  At least I was!  We have had a string of very gloomy days and these were fun to make- helped chase the mid-winter blues.

Friday, January 16, 2015

2015- Always love the fresh-start feeling

I finished one of my journals on the last day of the year.  It was amazing it just worked out that way- really felt like a nice closure to the year. This first spread on this post was the next to the last one.

This one below is the final spread.  This spread was a gratitude expression.  One of the highlights of last year was my trip to California to be with my art buddies.  The three of us took and incredible workshop taught by Seth Apter and Orly Avineri. It is also expressing my gratitude for the art journal group I am a part of.

I am very excited to share that this  journal spread of mine below was published in the book  Art Journal Kickstarter.