Sunday, January 25, 2015

Time for Some Fun

I often realize that I do seldom allow myself to just play- have fun in the studio.  It's not that I am serious all the time but it is a different mindset when I am making a collage or working on a journal spread.  These articulated paper dolls were really a lot of fun to do. The first one I used gelli print scraps and a Picasso head drawing I found and reduced-  The second one I used some printed paper from India and the head is a head painted by Modigliani.  I you google paper art dolls or search on Pinterest under paper dolls you will be amazed.  At least I was!  We have had a string of very gloomy days and these were fun to make- helped chase the mid-winter blues.


  1. These are charming - put a big smile on my face this morning! Also a good reminder that I need to just play sometimes...

  2. Glad these made you smile- play is good.