Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Autumn Has Arrived!

 Greeting All,

I am very glad to have fall arrive. We experienced the hottest summer here in Albuquerque since the depression. We have pretty much been in the 90s since early May or before until just a week ago. Now we have temps in the 70s- that is so pleasant. Autumn usually lasts a long time in New Mexico and I so hope that is the case. The International Balloon Fiesta Begins this weekend. I do not like huge crowds so stay clear but we see a lot of them from our house and in fact too close a couple of days ago- 2 balloons went down in the street behind us-  one was caught in our ornamental pear tree for a time.

I have been working on things- lately it has been making house boxes. I first made these a least 20 years ago.  They have changed over the years.  Some I do analog collage on- that is a term collage artists frequently use to describe a collage that is actually done my cutting the parts out and gluing them down. Some I do the collages for the houses digitally.  Once the digital work is done then I can print the parts out and glue them to the template-  way faster than the analog (one of a kind) collage.  Those can take hours.  

 Here are some in the currently in the Ricochet Gallery 

I can't seem to find any of the analog ones- I have given those as gifts and thought I had photographed them.  Oh well. Well I just found one- not a good photo- it is part of a hanging house thing I made for myself for my birthday- 3 houses of different sizes.


 The last part of this post is showing a project that I had a lot of fun with.  I created these winged beings. These are made out of cardboard.  The wings move. Hope you enjoy. I have always enjoyed making things and these houses and winged beings were pure fun for me.