Friday, October 29, 2021

What a month October has been!

 I can hardly believe that October ends Sunday. It has been very busy- I returned home Sunday the 24th from being gone a week with my art brothers John Arbuckle and Brian Kasstle.  I have known these wonderful men for 10 years or more. Thomas LaBadia was unable to come this time. One the way to our rental on the Oregon Coast we stopped at Seaside. Our dear friend Orly Aviner was in Seaside so we got to visit with her.  The week was spent creating together- the weather was windy cold and rainy but we did have one glorious day of sun for a forest hike. So here are some pictures from this special time. Next post I will share some art I made on the trip.


John, Brian, Orly and me

Haystack Rock

Oregon Coast

Magical forest

Photo magic from Brian

John prepping for eco-dyeing

More eco-dyeing prep

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Autumn Has Arrived!

 Greeting All,

I am very glad to have fall arrive. We experienced the hottest summer here in Albuquerque since the depression. We have pretty much been in the 90s since early May or before until just a week ago. Now we have temps in the 70s- that is so pleasant. Autumn usually lasts a long time in New Mexico and I so hope that is the case. The International Balloon Fiesta Begins this weekend. I do not like huge crowds so stay clear but we see a lot of them from our house and in fact too close a couple of days ago- 2 balloons went down in the street behind us-  one was caught in our ornamental pear tree for a time.

I have been working on things- lately it has been making house boxes. I first made these a least 20 years ago.  They have changed over the years.  Some I do analog collage on- that is a term collage artists frequently use to describe a collage that is actually done my cutting the parts out and gluing them down. Some I do the collages for the houses digitally.  Once the digital work is done then I can print the parts out and glue them to the template-  way faster than the analog (one of a kind) collage.  Those can take hours.  

 Here are some in the currently in the Ricochet Gallery 

I can't seem to find any of the analog ones- I have given those as gifts and thought I had photographed them.  Oh well. Well I just found one- not a good photo- it is part of a hanging house thing I made for myself for my birthday- 3 houses of different sizes.


 The last part of this post is showing a project that I had a lot of fun with.  I created these winged beings. These are made out of cardboard.  The wings move. Hope you enjoy. I have always enjoyed making things and these houses and winged beings were pure fun for me.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Later August Already!

 I have been meaning to post for some time.  I have to say I end up posting on Instagram more these days.  It is faster.  I know some of you do not see instagram. 

I have worked on several things over the last week weeks- collage work- journal work and I got into making more of the small house boxes.

I finished up a journal I made and started in June of 2020. I have several journals going  but it is always nice to finish one. Here are a few of the final spreads from that journal.

This is the final fold out from that journal.  It is 21 inches long and 7 inches tall.

The Rhetoric of No


This spread includes parts of a letter written by a man to another man in 1930

Family Tangle


Did You Hear?

Final Spread

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Wrapping up June With Work From a Week Long Class

 June is almost done- will be after tomorrow.   The 30th Ron and I celebrate 45 years together- that is mind blowing to me. Looking forward to a nice dinner out with friends.

All last week I was in a workshop with Ron Prokasso. Ron is an amazing mixed media printmaker and a terrific teacher-  This was way out of my comfort zone.  I was a prints major in undergrad a million years ago. This class was a monotype class with many different techniques. There were 6 students in the class and we were the first class in Remarque Print Workshop's new classroom space- it was terrific- plenty of room the spread out.  I enjoyed everyone in the class and the diversity of work made was amazing. The first couple of days were hard for me as there was so much information and technique demos- so I needed to pick just a couple of techniques to focus on. Printmaking is all about process and this class was all about layers.  I printed on 9" x 12" plates. These photos of the work are not the best- I don't have time right now to fix these up- some friends were asking to see what I made so I quickly shot these photos.

This is the first print. I think this went through the press 3 times. I love that they use nontoxic Akua inks. Clean up is with water and dish soap and sometimes alcohol. 

This is the ghost print from the first print- meaning there was ink left on the plate after printing so you can run it through the press on another piece of paper.

This print has collaged elements and those were printed over with transparent ink.

This print has several layers and I used chine colle- a printmaking technique for adding elements to a print.

Another print where I used Chine Colle.

This print has some layers of ink and chine colle and regular collage.

More chine colle and layering.

Layered print with regular collage.

Layered printing with collage.

Of course I had to have one with a chair. This is layered printing,
chine colle and collage.

This print has a layer of ink and then I chine colled a piece of handmade paper to it.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Here Comes Summer!

 Well it is June and with that comes the warm to hot temps.  We may hit 100 tomorrow and Sunday.

I had surgery to repair hernias on Wednesday and I am in recovery mode- this knocked me on my butt- it ended up to be more extensive than I thought. But it is done and I will heal.

Last post I showed 2 in progress photos of the new messenger series. I have finished the 9.  Three are now in frames and will frame the rest a couple at a time.  They are in nine inch square shadowbox frames.  What doesn't show very well in the photos is the different levels of the elements in the dioramas.  I am feeling good about these and now it is time to move onto some other things.  I have several online classes I want to work on- It is amazing to have the chance to take classes with artists that I find motivating.  I will always be a life long learner.

Here are the nine messengers photographed before they go into frames to avoid the glass reflections. The backgrounds for these are monotypes I made- I scanned them and altered them a bit and printed them out.

Monday, May 31, 2021

End of May...

 Greetings- Have not posted for a while- I have still been making art but have also been dealing with some health issues.  My left knee is messed up- I think I hurt it doing lunges exercising. Had xrays and no tears we seen so did physical therapy for 3 week and it still hurts  once in a while...facing the fact that is more than likely is osteoarthritis. I am also looking at some surgery in early June- hernia repair.

I am working on a continuation of a series I started back in 2016- the last show I had in Minnesota before we moved had a series in it that I called messengers- I found some old like 1902  1904 convict photographs- these people were from North Shields England. They held a chalkboard with their crime written on it- shaming photographs- I was so taken with their expressions I just had to do something with them. I cut out the chalk board but left the frame- I made dioramas for the frames. So here is my progress so far. I altered the photographs and printed them out and glued them to 2 ply matboard. I cut them out- and then I made the boxes for the dioramas- The backgrounds for these will be monoprints.

These will be in 9 inch shadow box frames.

Boxes for the dioramas.