Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Next set of Februllage collages

 Here is the next set of Februllage 2024 collages.


The prompt for Februllage #9 is Wrong-way. I am old enough to remember not having

the navigation tools we have now- back then there were many times we went "The Wrong-Way"!

Prompt #10 for Februllage is Tangle. Background is a gel plate print with collaged figures. I added digital black tangles.

Toxic is the prompt for February 11th for Februllage. There are so many choices for this prompt-Toxic describes so many things happening in the world. In my personal world- the air is of concern as my husband has copd. So we monitor the air quality everyday. There are many days here in Albuquerque where the air is not healthy. Those days we do not hike or take walks outside.



Remember is the 12th prompt for Februllage. This is an analog collage.



Prompt #13 for Februllage is Wolf. This is an analog collage on a printout of a scanned and altered gel plate print.



This is the second collage I did for the Februllage #14 Dream prompt. The background is a gel plate print I made this weekend while teaching my gel plate class. The other elements I cut out and glued on the print.
Dream Bandit.



The 14th prompt for Februllage is Dream. This is a digital/analog combination. The cloud background with the house balloon is digital- printed out and I glued the other images on it.



Februllage Prompt 15 is Play. I had fun with this one. This one is digital.
Barkley & Elliot, the Caffeine Brothers loved being on stage.



Sculpture is the prompt for Februllage #16



The #17 prompt for Februllage is cardboard. Many years ago my husband and I had 2 cats. They LOVED cardboard boxes. They would go crazy going in and out of a box and then turn around and gave us the "What are you looking at look"



I made a second collage for the #17 cardboard prompt. I love this quote:
I feel as though the cardboard box of my own reality has been flattened and blown open. Now I can see the edge of the world.



Februllage prompt #18 is Fake.
This analog/digital combination collage is my take on the prompt. This is about people not being real or honest. You can usually know when someone is being a fake.







Monday, March 25, 2024

Finally a blog post

 True to my habit-I have neglected this blog for so long. Not sure why that is but I have a lot to share- I participated in Februllage 2024.  This was my third Februllage- it is a collage for each day in February there is a prompt for each day.I posted these on instagram as the month went but here they are- I will post several. I will include the prompt and title if there is one.

February 1 prompt: Bubble

Clyde Was In Troubled Waters.

February 2: Prompt: Postcard

February 3rd Prompt: Escape
Ian Found A Way Out 

February 4th  Prompt: Warmth
Elias Could Still Feel The Warmth Of His Home 

February 5th  Prompt: Encounter
The Encounter of Barry & Peter
February 6th Prompt: Treasure

February 6th Prompt: Treasure

I treasure these dear friends. We met online around 12 years ago through art. We have become brothers. We exchange art ,we love and support one another. We all get together every year or two for a week of making art together. We plan to do that this fall. I treasure these men- my brothers my family. I love you John, Brian and Thomas!

February 7th Prompt: Popcorn

I am not sure why this creepy circus scene happened for this prompt

but it was fun.

February 8th Prompt: Ladder

This one has a gel plate background.


Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year

 I had thought about just closing down this blog as I have neglected it again for so long but some friends asked that I not do that. I will give it a try to post more here. I got frustrated the last time I tried to post a video- it would not let me. I have several videos of late on my instagram (terrygarrett763)

2023 was a very difficult year on many levels. I had many losses this past year. The age I am now I know this will be happening more and while I don't like it- I know this is how it is.

My art was a constant and continues to be my lifeboat especially when  things get rough. I did several terrific collaborations this past year and have some already to go for the new year. I love connecting with people through art. My art groups continue to feed my soul- While I cherish my "Terry Time" in my studio- I do love connecting with people in these art groups. The online collage group I am a member of is wonderful- Luis Martin (the art engineer) started this group. I have some wonderful friendship from members of this group. Luis lives in Brooklyn NY with his husband Elvis. They were vacationing in Sedona AZ in November and drove 6 hours to Albuquerque to meet me in person. That was so much fun.  While they were here they did a video interview with me. Here is a link for that.

Ron and I got the dreaded Covid Thanksgiving week.  That is something I do not want to repeat-we have had all the shots but this still knocked us on our butts for several days.

I will share some art now and describe what you are looking at under each image.


This is a digital collage inspired by a quote of mine- I had forgotten about it and saw it the other day.

These memories are the bricks that have built the house of me. The important thing for me is to keep the doors and windows open to let the breezes of "now" come in.

 This is a digital collage I made for one of the book arts group I am in.  It will be a part of a collaborative book the group is doing.

Yet another digital collage. I actually have done a lot of analog collage in these envelop books I have made. I made videos of all those on my instagram. So these digital collages were a break from fussy cutting for me.


After Hours at the Museum 



I am a part of Luis Martin's CollageDream group. All the images except for the background were from this month's digital elements kit. Like I often do- I altered these and sized them to my needs printed them out and I cut them out to make with analog collage on a gel plate print. This is 9" x 12".

Johnas is writing about his life in the city.


Thanks for having a look. Happy New Year!


Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Grateful for the cooler temps of Fall!

 September is zooming by. I will try to catch up here with this blog post.  In the later part of August I went on an art retreat. Met up with dear art friends and had a wonderful time making art together for four days. These times only happen every other year at best and so they are very special- this is the best food for my soul. I have had a lot of losses this year- the love experienced in these wonderful days together filled my near empty well with laughter and joy and love.

So here goes with some random sharing.

This is a digital collage. - A terrific Albuquerque artist, Edward Martin posted this quote that I love. I had seen this quote quite a while ago and had forgotten about it. I just had to do a piece for it. I can't find who originally made this quote.

There's A Fine Line Between Genius & Crazy. I like To Use That Line As A Jump Rope.



I saw this Rumi quote and had to make this digital collage for it.
"People travel the world looking for the friend, but that one is always at home."


The next eight pieces are part of a series.  A friend sent me these house frames she found at Dollar Tree. I made these collages for them. These are now at Mariposa Gallery here in Albuquerque.


I loved these frames so much I ordered more from Dollar tree. These next four are a new series I started. The collages are mostly analog with some digital.

Music was Aaron's language of choice.


Clarence loved to write letters.


Leopold did not let the clouds spoil his day.


Phillip had to leave his small town behind.



Monday, August 14, 2023

Mid August- the heat is still on!

 The heatwave- while a bit better is still with us. Hoping this is not the new normal. Still in a drought and there are some fires burning in the forests in the state. Looking forward to cooler temps and fall.

I have been very busy in the studio. I  have some videos of some 3D cottages I have made but need to figure out how to get them from my phone to my blog. I will work on that.

This past weekend I taught 2 gel plate printing classes at Remarque Print Workshop. What a terrific group of students- so much fun teaching and creating with them.

I am getting ready to go to an art retreat with friends- there will be 5 of us and we five have not all been together in maybe 8 years!

Here is a new batch of Artist Trading Cards I made last week. These are analog- actual cut and paste. If you aren't familiar with these google ATCs and you will see. The only requirement is that these be 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches (the size of a baseball card) If you google it you can see how these started. I facilitate a monthly collage group meet up. We have an ongoing trade session with these cards.




Thursday, July 20, 2023

Greetings from the broiling SouthWest

 Well it has been like two and a half months since I last posted- I guess I just find instagram so easy to post on that I forget about the blog- and just when I think hardly anyone reads this I get a message from someone reminding me they don't do social media. So here goes...

I have made lots of art since the last post. I also have done around 6 collaborations with other artists. I had some work in a show that features the work of Libros members. Libros is the large book arts guild here in Albuquerque.

The first three pieces are collages I made in the last week or so. As most of you know I love the house shape so two artist of late have been inspirational  Lisa Stubbs is a printmaker in the UK- love her work. Liger-Belair is an influence and also a lover of houses. She and I did a book collaboration a few weeks ago- I will share that in another post.     


 Ian Felt Left out

Analog collage on gel plate print


Jack Held The Key To Christopher's Heart
analog collage on gel plate print

Evan Decided To Give This Life A Shot
analog collage on gel plate print

Next is a series of eight new dream bubble digital collages.  I had such a terrific time making up these characters. It felt great to just have some digital fun.

Niles Always Seemed Frustrated

Music Often Brought Liz To Tears

Caffeine Was Keatan's Drug Of Choice

Gendry Loved His Morning Walks

Trent Loved Being A Photographer

Franklin Loved His Machines

Lucinda Became One With Her Phone

Hawkins Was A Man Of Letters