Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Last full week of October!

 I have been busy in the studio. I Have done a couple more accordion book collaborations. I posted those on my instagram terrygarrett763.  I taught a gel plate session for the artist/owners of Remarque Printworkshop. It was a fun day. I also took another class there- Collographs- I love those as it is sort of collaging onto a cardboard base and then inking and printing it.

For this post I will share a couple of collages that have a base of a gel plate image transfer that I scanned and added digital elements. Then some pieces for Halloween and for Day of the Dead.

I have a circle shaped gel plate and used that for this image transfer. I added

some other elements digitally. Title: Theo Could Not Escape From The Memory Of Her.


 There was a horror movie quite a while back that featured an Asian family that was terrorized by

a ghost.  This reminds me of that. Like the other one- A gel plate image transfer with added

digital elements. Title: She Knew He Was Watching Her.

This collage is a digital and analog combination.

Remembering Little Me

This collage is digital.  Looking Inside A Dream.

Another digital collage. Two Ravens Watching.

Monday, September 26, 2022

September went so fast

 Greetings- here it is the last week of September. I am amazed how fast time is going. So glad to be done with the 90+ degree days- there are some hints of fall color here and there.

 In this post I will share some new collages. These 6 are now framed and ready for the October group show at Ricochet Gallery here in Albuquerque. I have also been busy with a few collaborations.

If I Cut You Off Chances Are You Handed Me The Scissors

analog collage on gel plate print.


Big Trouble At The Homestead

analog collage on a printed out reverse of the gel plate print background in the above collage.

The Ascension of Icarus
analog collage on gel plate print

Percy Remained Hopeful

analog collage on reverse printed gel plate print 


Jacob Rowed Not So Merrily Down The Stream

analog collage on gel plate print


 Adrift On The Sea of Change

analog collage on gel plate print


Sweet Brian With His Bird Friends

analog collage on digital background

My dear friend Brian Kasstle recently visited us. When he returned home he posted a 

black & white photo of him with his canary. I just had to make a collage of that for him.


Thursday, August 18, 2022

July slipped away...can't believe how fast time time goes!

 Here it is past mid-August already.  I have been very busy in the studio. I have worked on some artist books and new collages and I have completed some collaborations. Here are five collages.

This first collage has a monotype background. The yearbook photos I colored in the computer and printed them out on tissue paper.

Nathan Had No Intention of Going to the Reunion


This is a mixed media collage using both analog and digital elements.

Ned Dreamed of Having Wings Like the Summer Butterflies

This mixed media collage is both digital and analog.

The Current Between Us
digital collage

One Man Watching
digital collage

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Wrapping Up June

 I can hardly believe it is July Friday. Time is zooming.  The good news is we have received some good rains here in Albuquerque. Hoping for more.

I took a 2 day workshop June 17th & 18th.  This was at Remarque Print Workshop.  The workshop was taught by a terrific artist. Creating Monotypes with Chine CollĂ© was the class taught by Barbara Kuzara- a terrific artist and teacher. Her way of doing Chine Colle was very different from what I had learned- I learned lots and creating the many layers was so challenging and exciting. It was a terrific 2 days. The three collages are from the workshop- they are 5" X 7". I enjoyed working small.

This print is titled "I Carry You In My Heart".  Some of the imagery here is printed onto tissue like paper.  There are many layers in this and when working in layers it is hard sometimes to get the order of adding the parts correct. This one went through the press at least 5 times.

The title for this one is "Star Light Star Bright".  Like the one above, this has elements that were printed on Nepalese Lokta paper, a natural tissue paper. This print also has many layers.

The title for this print is: "Make Me An Angel". The background is a
Cyanotype I did from a photograph I took using a wooden doll house as a set. All the parts except for the chair were printed on Lokta paper.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Once Again- I have neglected this blog

Greetings- I don't know what it is but I so seldom take time to do a blog post- I have many things I have made since the mid April post. I will try to show a few- I have some pieces up right now at Ricochet Gallery here in Albuquerque. The show there right now is Albuqueerque and it is a wonderful show celebrating LGBT pride.

The pieces I have up there right now are Tutelary deities.
A tutelary deity is a deity or spirit who is a guardian, patron or protector of a particular place, geographic feature, person, lineage, nation, culture or occupation. A household deity for example is a deity or spirit that protects the home, looking after the entire household or certain key members.
These are 13 inches tall and 8 inches wide. The backgrounds are old book pages and tea bag papers. I have had these house shaped pieces of wood for years as well as the molding samples from a frame shop- finally the idea clicked and I made these Guardians. The three female ones are smaller collages and in house shaped frames.  This show at Ricochet Gallery is up  through to 25th. The gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday 12pm-4pm.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

MidApril Already!

 Greetings- I can hardly believe April is have over! The springs blooms have been wonderful. And I will say the spring winds have been challenging here. That said my friends living in Minnesota had more snow this past week and cold temps.

I have been working on finishing up some collaborations. The envelop book project is completed now. I finished 2 more house collaborations. I will share those here.

This first house collaboration is with Matt French. Matt lives in the UK. His  digital collage work is amazing. The first photo is the house flat- that makes it way easier to ship. Then the rest are views of the house put together.

This next house is a collaboration is did with Matt Horner. Matt is a terrific collage artist living in Idaho.

Like the one above-first shot is the house flat. This is my start that Matt finished. The completed house photos follow.


The next set is the house that Matt Horner started and I finished. I so enjoyed doing
these house collaborations.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Collaboration Envelop Books

 Wow march is zooming- it is at the halfway point today. Still getting use to the "Spring Ahead" time change. Clocks are all changed except for the cars- I never remember how to do that and both cars are done so differently from one another.

I believe I have mentioned I am in a wonderful little art group that meets once a month in Mountainair  a very small town an hour and a half south of Albuquerque. We usually take turn teaching each other something. This time we are working on an envelop book round robin. The envelop book is made by gluing the flaps of the envelops to each other- this results in a fun accordion book with pockets.  The books are making the rounds to each of us- when completed we will each have a both that all the group has worked in. As always with things like this- part of the challenge is working in someone's book that has a style far from your own. We each picked a theme for our books.

Thus first book is my friend Jacques Dorier's book. With Jacques you see his more is better approach. His book now is about 6 inches tall when closed and will get bigger as others work in it. Jacques choose Birds and Bees as his theme.  We make things for the pockets as well I did 2 zines to include in his and a couple of decorated tags.

This is my first spread in Jacques's book. You can see the zines peaking out from the pockets.

This is the second spread in his book with 2 tags I made.

The last two spreads do not have pockets.

This is the last spread I did in Jacques's book. The background
is a gel plate print.
This is his book closed!

The next 4 pictures are in Kristine Olson's book.  Her theme is floral.
Here is the first spread in her book. The background is a gel plate print.

This is the second spread in her book showing the tags that slip into the pockets.

This is the 3rd spread in Kristine's book with more tags.

This is the last spread in her book. I had great fun with these.