Sunday, February 17, 2019

February Post

As always- time seems to just zoom by.  A mix of medical appointments- Ron had  cataract surgery on the eye that he had surgery on in November so check ups for that- things seem to be ok there. I have had some good studio days. Finished a collaborative project with Los Libros- one of the book arts groups I  am part of.  We are each making a mini zine- we will get one from each person in the March meeting and make a slip case to hold them- there will be 40 different ones.
I had a moving experience yesterday(Saturday the 16th) - I may have shared that a wonderful collage artist Valerie Roybal died here in November- Valerie invited me to be a part of the collage group here when I first got here to Albuquerque. There is a show of her work up at a gallery here right now and they brought in her actual old desk and everything on it- several of her antique cases with her collections- the collage group set up tables right in the middle of her show and there were stacks and stacks of her books and collage materials we were encouraged to take and make work with. It was both a sad and a joyful afternoon. Here is a link to Valerie's work. 
Here are two collages I made at that gathering.

Lucky Strike
This collage is on a monoprint.

Facing the Past
This collage is also done on a monoprint.