Monday, February 28, 2022

More Februllage Collage Work

 I am going to do some more posts to get all of the Februllage collage work on here- it will take a couple more. I have friends that blog post everyday but I have never been able to do that.I made a mistake and posted the umbrella prompt (number 19) as a cloud one well it works for both I guess.

prompt number 11 is Float. This one is all digital.

Derrick Shouted "I Saw Him First!"


 Newspaper is the 12th prompt. This was a fun one using pieces from the local free weekly newspaper called The Paper.

Time is the the prompt for number 13.

This one is digital.

The prompt for number 14 is stolen. Another digital collage- it was valentines Day

so this one was for that as well.

Number 15 is wheel. I saw this old color wheel and used

it for the background and added the man on the bike.

Calm is the 16th prompt. The Buddha picture is an altered

photo I took at my friend Pamela's house. I altered it and set it

in this digital collage.

This one is the digital collage I did for prompt 17 Upside down.

A Man Wearing A Kilt Should Not Do Handstands In Public.


 This collage is for prompt 18 Forest. It is a combination of digital and analog.

Forest of Memories


 I did a second one for the forest prompt. The background

is a gel plate print that I added the couple and house by gluing them on the background.

I added the trees digitally at the end.

I already posted prompt 19, Umbrella- it is with the cloud one.

Next post will be the last of the Februllage collages.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Second group of collages for Februllage 2022

 Here is the next set of the collages I made for Februllage.  This ended up to be a fun challenge.

This is a second collage for the telephone prompt. This is another digital one.

The 8th prompt is clouds. I did 2 for this prompt as well.  This one is digital

and is titled Icarus Had His Doubts.

This is the second cloud one. This is digital.


 The 9th prompt is surprise. Looks like Randel is very surprised.

This one is digital as well.

Prompt number 10 is disturbing. I think this digital collages captures that prompt.

I did 2 collages for the disturbing prompt. I love old doll images and I altered 

the doll photo in this one for the background.  I think some old doll photos are creepy cool.  More prompt 

collages in the next post I do.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Februllage 2022

 I have been participating in Februllage 2022. Februllage is a collaboration between Edinburgh Collage Collective and the Scandinavian Collage Museum. This is an initiative which invites collage artists to make a “collage a day” throughout the month of February using the Februllage Official Word Prompts.

I have been working on other things as well- Our collage group here in Albuquerque, Scissors & Glue ABQ met up once a couple of months ago- but now we are holding off a bit. We are doing a bookmark exchange and that has been fun. The small art group I am a part of that meets monthly in Mountainair is working on an envelop book- we each made one and now they are making the rounds for us each to work in.  We are also working on Wooden House boxes that will have a journal inside.

I will share some of my Februllage collages for this post.

The first prompt was Cats.  This one is digital.

The second prompt was Sisters.  This is a digital collage.


The third prompt was Octopus.  This one is a combination

of analog and digital.

The 4th prompt was Escape.  I added a digital element (the standing man) to an analog 

collage I made a while back.

The 5th prompt was magnifying glass.  This one is analog

but I added the magnifying glass digitally.

The 6th prompt was Overdress.  The one is digital.

The 7th prompt was Telephone.